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From a Bootcamp to Impact- Hand Made in Albania- Creating youth friendly towns!

We set out on a journey through Albania meeting young people in Bootcamps with the theme Made in Albania. The aim of the bootcamps is to encourage young people to make, build, create and more importantly adopt a can do mindset.   


Following the bootcamps, AIA programme helps teams to acquire the necessary skills to turn ideas into reality.

Our vision is:

  1. Equip young people with skills for life

  2. Increase employment and self-employment among youth and young women in particular;

  3. Build capacities, confidence and support networks

  4. Contribute to the expansion and further development of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem

Our network ecosystem helps:

  • young wannapreneurs turn their ideas into startups by getting the knowledge, adopting the mindset and choosing entrepreneurship as their path to employment;

  • startups move to the next stage of their development through mentoring, coaching and networks.

  • students to become solvers by developing innovation capabilities in high schools, and universities. 

  • organisations and companies tap into the creativity and innovation of the young crowd through bootcamps and hackathons. 

Build your Entrepreneurial

      & Innovation Muscle

         A.I.A Programmes

     AIA Wannapreneurs Academy

We are excited to start the new season of the Academy in October with teams coming out of the autumn bootcamps bootcamps. 

In the next six months all wannapreneurs will learn how to turn that idea into an enterprise which will solve a problem, meet a need, create impact. 

Our Programme is Based on MIT LaunchX Disciplined Entrepreneurship. Be part of it!


This programme starts with a Bootcamp and ends with a Demo Day



You had a great idea which you turned into a successful business. You are ready for growth.

  • How can you move up to the next stage? How can you scale up? 

  • Where in your business model can you look for opportunities for growth. 

  • What processes and tools can you use to innovate and grow ?

The Startup 121 is a 12 months programme of mentoring and coaching for growth, to help you develop your entrepreneurial skills further and move to the next stage of your business journey. 


 CLICK here to book a consultation.

  Startup 121




  Design Thinking Accelerator


We are expected to innovate in whatever we do, in companies, in public administration, in NGOs, in education, in our own business and life. We are expected to find efficiencies, do more with less, motivate and engage the employees, create excellence in customer service and  adopt new ways of working by making good use of technologies in the digital age.


The Design Thinking Accelerator programme will help you:
  • Bring Innovation to the DNA of your company

  • Give the tools to your managers and talent to solve problems in innovative ways

  • Create products and services that delight.

  • Tell the story of your company in a compelling way


You can get the mindset and tools that companies like GOOGLE, APPLE, P&G, Fidelity, Samsung, UNDP.... use!




  Introduction to Coding


Learning to code is not that difficult after all, anybody can learn simple coding. But what does coding entail? What is programming language? 

In collaboration with Albanian ICT Academy, Coding comes to AIA from the 4th March. The programmes are based on MIT Media Lab and give the children and young people programming, robotics, and other ICT knowledge. Curricula is designed for three age groups, 8-10 years, 11-15 years, 15-18 years. ICT Academy offers also student programmes like Python, C/C++, Java, Android/IOS, Web programming,  3D Teknology and  Robotics. 

The courses are done at A.I.A in Durres. 

Enroll here


  Enterprise Mentoring


You are a successful entrepreneur, you have met failure and success. Your experience can help other people grow  their business.

Are you ready to give away a couple of hours a month to mentor a new enterpreneur. We would love to hear from you. Apply to becoe an AIA mentor. We will give you the necessary training and tools.

APPLY here to become an AIA mentor. 


A.I.A believes together we can make a difference. We have partnered with several organisations both local and international that are passionate in developing young entrepreneurs and social innovators. 


We'd love to partner with you to address key challenges and join forces in helping develop business and innovation skills amongst the young. Please get in touch and lets make a difference. 


+355 672027272


Lagja nr 1

Sheshi Taulantia

2 Kullat perball Torres 

Kati 2

Durres, Albania



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