Are you ready to embrace Open Innovation? We can help you make it a reality.


We design and facilitate Bootcamps, Hackathons, Sprints, to enable you to tap into the ideas of a large diverse group of people and 48-72 hours later you leave with several prototypes. From 30 to 500 people, we help you get the best from the crowd.


We do not stop there. We help you all the way to develop the concept, map the research and turn the Bootcamp ideas to real projects or startups.  


 We will work with you to turn the crowd into a network for innovation. We help you nurture the connections you create during the Bootcamp to build meaningful networks for learning and innovation. 

Made in Albania
AIA travelled round the country with the Made in Albania Bootcamp. Young people in Durres, Dibra, Kukes, Shkoder came together to dream and design better cities for young people. Four teams are now in development phase of their projects.
Designing Child Friendly cities Bootcamp
130 children, parents and city planners young gathered in Tirana and Korca to discuss what makes a a friendly city for them, what their problems are and come up with real solutions. The Bootcamp was organised by UNDP in collaboration with the Municipality of Tirana and Korca.
From Shengjergj to Pioneer Incubator The Gen Zeds have arrived and they look the same. People and Ideas who have staged the biggest startupfest yet. Julia and Marsel are the force behind it. Young, energetic, with a vision they have organized a un-conference with the engagement of over 100 designers, photographers, architects, musicians, actors to collaboratively create the space for the conversations to happen
It was a young maker’s fair, with app makers, code trainers, olive growers, cheese makers, goat breeders, all sharing stories how technology is changing the way we make.
NASA Space Apps Tirana, is part of the Bootcamp happening in 200  cities around the world. coming up with solutions for challenges in space and on earth. 
Yunus Social Business Balkans 

Congratulations to Pirate Bootcamp Winners

1."Pikmii" : Viola Thoma, Enea Mema Regana S Hysenbelliu and awesome Uendi who isn't on Facebook.

2."GreenCase" : Muamer Bajrami, Axhi Usein, Ljupcho Kozheski, Denis Baj

3. "Oink" : Xhulia Aliaj, Iva Stratoberdha, Besi Karaxha Ioanna Tz'

Albanian Skills Competition

Amazing day at  to give a platform to young talents in web design, photography, operators, welders, it's a maker's day! 

For many of the young makers, these are skills they are developing alongside their studies. 

AIA will help them turn these skills in enterprises for the ones who choose to start their own businesses. 




What happens when people come together in a Design Thinking Bootcamp to collaborate to come up with solutions for social problems: Anisa Gjini writes about the experience and learning: " what started as a fun weekend to come up with ideas, and turning those ideas into reality,  it has been hard work. However much you plan, there are lots of unexpected challenges that come your way. And that is what makes it even more exciting when you are determined to make it happen. It has been an amazing experience and a lot of learning."

“From paper to reality – when the fun ends and work starts”
 by Anisa Gjini


Our idea won at the UNDP Innovation Bootcamp. Our campaign to raise awareness for domestic violence would use a scenario of violence enacted by actors, and capture the reactions of people watching the scene. Our set up would be at a busy square in town where we would put a red door behing which violence was happening. Excitement was high. The four of us were thrilled not only that we won, but that we also got some funding to turn the idea into reality. Time was limited, the budget was small but we were determined that would be able to implement what we had ideated, and the mock prototype looked fab.


Then, completely unexpected something happened to give us the first blow. The “red door in the square” idea was being used in a TV commercial. We had to alter that part of our prototype. This was the hardest part. We were back to generating ideas how to create a prop where violence could be seen by passers by in the street. Time was running out, would we be able to finish on time? Would we be able to do something else within the constraints of the budget we had?


After several brainstorms, we decided to use a camper van. Finding an appropriate camper was more difficult than we thought. So was finding a suitable place where to park the camper van in Tirana. All set for the weekend, weather being on our side, we parked the camper in a busy road, tried out what passers -by would witness (you have to see the video for this}, and got the cameras ready to film the reactions. Disappointment couldn’t be bigger. We realized the place wasn’t right, people passing by were not noticing what was going on. Tired, worried that the whole thing would be a flop, we made plans to try a different place.


It couldn’t have been more different! We were taken aback by how many people stopped by and the reactions we got from them. Suddenly policemen arrived at the scene. A few people had called to report that a violence was happening just by the side of the road, inside a camper van. One of them didn’t leave the scene until we had to open the door and reveal that this was a recording! It was a reaction we hadn’t anticipated. We are pleased!



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